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Features and customisation of the product

Polyethylene (PE) is the type of plastic film that better than any other ensures sealing, even in the presence of liquids and more or less coarse or pointed products and is one of the most widespread materials both in the food and in the industrial industry, both as single-layer film and in laminates as sealing layer. Main characteristics of polyethylene are excellent runnability and impact resistance.

However, not all polyethylene films are the same: they are distinguished by degree of slipperiness, brightness and performance in terms of sealability. Therefore it is crucial, for those who pack with this material, single-layer or laminated with other plastic films, to identify the most suitable one for their packaging machines and the product to be packed.

The story of SDR PACK and polyethylene extrusion began 40 years ago and is made of passion, testing, research and experience. The attention to technological innovation and the experience gained in all these years of extrusion has allowed us to develop a high level of know-how regarding this type of plastic film and to test formulas in order to meet the different requirements of our customers. Our polyethylene is made-to-measure: since we have the opportunity to extrude the material, we adapt the formulas to the characteristics of the packaging machines. In fact, we guarantee maximum performance in terms of sealability and slipperiness, for packaging any type of product: an extremely high-performance PE, glossy and tested through years of research and work on this material.