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The evolution

1960: Giorgio Ferracin’s foresight



SDR PACK was established as Sacchettificio di Rosà, from Giorgio Ferracin’s far-sighted vision. Giorgio sensed that foodstuff would have been sold packed, and no more wrapped in sheets of paper. Thus, he purchased one of the first extruders, capable to produce 12 kg of polyethylene film (PE) per hour. His main Customers in the food sector were candy manufacturers, while in the non-food sector, knitting manufacturers. 

Later on, he also bought a three colour-printing machine to enable the first clients to customise their product. Pouches were hand-sealed and production was limited.

As the market developed and grew, Sacchettificio di Rosà equipped itself to meet the needs of local customers. 

1980: Carlo, Sandro and Marina start working at the company



Sacchettificio di Rosà ‘s craft and industrial breakthrough took place in the Eighties, with the key advent in the company of Giorgio Ferracin’s heirs: Carlo, Sandro and Marina.

With great synergy, the three brothers have considerably developed their father’s business, making it grow both in terms of production and organisation, exploiting each one’s skills and talents.

In those years, the market was in rapid growth and Sacchettificio di Rosà, paying top attention to customers’ needs and studying the properties of raw materials, developed formulas for new plastic films, customising graphics and joining different layers of materials depending on needs, always guaranteeing product’s shelf life. 

Today: from Sacchettificio di Rosà to SDR PACK. 



Nowadays the company is solidly positioned in the sector, with almost 70 employees in the production, processing and finishing areas.

Carlo and Sandro's sons – respectively Giorgia Ferracin and Nicolò Ferracin – are working with renewed passion and engagement in the company, holding decision-making positions and ensuring SDR’s continuity.

To meet the challenges of an expanding market, the redesign of the corporate brand is ongoing: from Sacchettificio di Rosà to SDR PACK.

SDR PACK encloses the history and the wish to renew, positively combining the solid and well-rooted company bases with growth and development goals.

Customer satisfaction and the wish of “raising more and more the bar”, boosted the company to undertake new investments, so as to improve Quality, Customer-Care and production capacity.