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Compostable packaging

We offer various OK COMPOST INDUSTRIAL TUV certified compostable packaging solutions:

SDR CB compostable monofilm

Suitable for packaging products that do not require a barrier; it is suitable for food contact, with the exception of acid foods. Particularly suitable for frozen, dried or no-food products, this film is impulse-sealed.


CFN compostable monofilm

Barrier packaging, suitable for food contact and recommended for light products, packaged in flow packs. This film is heat-sealable with hot bars. 

Compostable film for ATM

Consisting of two layers of film, this solution consists of a laminate suitable for packaging in a modified atmosphere, compliant with food contact without any exclusion. This film is heat-sealable with hot bars.


Metallic compostable film for ATM

Innovative laminated packaging, consisting of three layers of film, suitable for packaging in a modified atmosphere and food contact, excluding acid products. This film is heat-sealable with hot bars.


Packaging solutions intended for organic separate waste collection; our compostable films can be customised in flexography, within the limits set forth by regulations. 




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