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Recyclable plastic packaging

We have developed innovative recyclable plastic monofilm for hot bar packaging: MOPEK and BAPEK.


MOPEK is a PE monofilm for hot bar packaging without a barrier. Available in thicknesses of 70, 80 and 90 microns, and compliant with food contact according to the highest quality standards.


BAPEK is a PE monofilm for hot bar packaging, which guarantees a highly performing ATM barrier. In fact, the permeability to water vapour and oxygen makes it better than the barrier of the PET film, thereby guaranteeing the ideal solution for effective and lasting product preservation.


The innovative recyclable plastic MOPEK and BAPEK films can be made with graphic customisations and with the application of matte, in register or full flood varnish.


Recyclable packaging with paper


Laminated recyclable paper packaging according to Aticelca® 501 Evaluation System – Level C.

The Aticelca® 501 Evaluation System allows the level of recyclability of cellulose-based materials and products to be determined, by means of a laboratory test, by simulating some of the main phases of the industrial processes of the paper to be recycled so as to produce new paper and cardboard.

We have developed flexible packaging solutions that have passed the laboratory test, resulting in Level C recyclable.


N.B.: the information refers to the Italian separate waste collection system. SDR PACK is happy to provide advice based on the provisions of your country/the country in which you market your products. 



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