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Film with paper packaging

A solution that allows paper to be laminated with barrier and non-barrier films to enhance the packaging, giving it a natural, hand-crafted feel.

The flexible plastic packages with paper can be used to pack food and non-food products and are also suitable for packaging in ATM, ATM and pasteurisation and for products packed in trays.


Type of paper available:

  • mono-glazed 25, 40, 60 g 
  • white millerighe mono-glazed 40g
  • tan millerighe mono-glazed 40g
  • one-side coated 40, 80 g


Laser cut windows can be created in different shapes and sizes, without the cost of the die, on flexible film with paper packaging. The ideal solution to enhance the internal content of the packaging.


The chance of showing the product through a window specifically created with laser-cut technology can, in fact, consolidate the link between the packaging and the contents, creating an ever-enduring association in the minds of end consumers.

Furthermore, the laser eliminates the stiffness of the classic die and avoids the annoying problem of the window edges separating from the plastic film.



Case studies