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The pandemic and the recent start of the tragic conflict in Ukraine are subverting society, and consequently the economy, making the market particularly unpredictable.

There are essentially two paths to take to address such a complex situation: to initiate emergency strategies, whilst waiting for the situation to stabilise once again, or to completely rethink the way of being a business.

At SDR PACK, we believe that the events of the last few years have now irreversibly changed the market. We can only overcome current and future challenges by becoming more flexible and reactive in addressing the demands of a chaotic market, where the exception has now become the rule.

How can we translate all this into tangible actions?

We have invested in a new plant, in technology and innovation to be able to respond to the need to serve our customers quickly, hence we are able to anticipate problems of raw material availability and meet increasingly specific needs, in terms of sustainability of materials, product design and performance. Our staff, who tangibly contribute to company growth every day helping us find the solution that most suits the context, has been rewarded, supported and trained. Logistics, in all its aspects and in the various forms, has also been expanded to satisfy just in time orders.

If, as we believe, the market will never return to its prior condition, the companies that will be able to address the future are those businesses that will prove variable, flexible and reactive, whilst constantly questioning themselves, even at the cost of revolutionising and changing their strategies during operation.


We look forward to seeing you at IPACK-IMA from 3 to 6 May to illustrate how we are currently creating new value for our customers.