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The new Extrusion Department

Cutting-edge automation systems

SDR PACK has been in the process of expanding its facility for about a year, increasing its production area by about 10,000 square metres.This process was initiated by the Extrusion Department, which was entirely moved to a new, modern and state-of-the-art wing of the facility, equipped with all the latest technologies available on the market and with cutting-edge systems.

The new department is designed to be almost fully automated, with an industry 4.0 approach. One of the main innovations is the digitalisation of the entire production process, starting from the new automatic granule loading system: while bags were previously loaded manually by our operators, thanks to this new technology they can now be loaded with a special computerised machine that doses and mixes the material. 

The entire production process has been interfaced with an IT system that allows us to check the number of granules per gram of the formulas used and to trace the production cycle, thereby ruling out the possibility of human error.

As part of the modernisation process of the Extrusion Department, SDR PACK purchased two new extruders, a 5-layer one and a 3-layer one. With these new technologies, we are now capable of producing fully recyclable barrier material structures, thus expanding our range of polyethylene products and formulas, and to increase our production capacity by 40%.

In addition, our extruders allow us to be flexible for both small and large runs and allow us to mix with additives, colour and trim materials according to customer requirements.

SDR PACK is one of the few converters in Italy to have an in-house Extrusion Department: it is certainly a great advantage, since we can produce material tailored to the specific requirements of our customers and adapt the formulas to their needs and packaging techniques.

While 90% of our production is for internal use, for printing and laminating materials, thanks to our expertise and the characteristics of the polyethylene we produce we are now a benchmark company for external companies that use our films.