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During the difficult period we have experienced, in which Italy and the whole world fought against the “invisible” monster Covid-19, SDR PACK remained operational to ensure the proper functioning of the food supply chain.  

We had to organise and reorganise our production, to respond to the different and growing needs of our customers, who in turn had to face the challenges presented by this emergency situation.       

In such a difficult time, we had the confirmation of the strength of teamwork: if we are able to be a reliable partner and offer support to our customers today, it is thanks to our employees, who have proved once again to be open to change, willing and keen. A REAL TEAM.     

Physically distant, but united in commitment and dedication.


Our production times and the “just-in-time” work philosophy have helped us to be flexible and responsive and we are proud to be a go-to partner for all the companies that have relied on SDR PACK.          

Our thoughts go to those companies that are currently in difficulty, with the hope that everything will go back to normal soon and that they will be stronger than before.