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Today’s consumers are increasingly conscious of the environment in which they live and require more information on issues that are important to them. In spite of the period of crisis and uncertainty, eco-sustainability remains a priority issue for everyone.

But how can we be sustainable? There are many alternatives: energy savings, attention to purchases of any kind, mobility choices... According to a Nomisma study carried out in conjunction with Spin Life, 84% of Italians choose to be sustainable through the purchase of food and beverage products, mainly according to their packaging.

Purchase choices made in front of the shelf are therefore dictated by a good quality, affordable product, but which is above all environmentally friendly.

Therefore, we at SDR PACK have expanded our offer of sustainable films, to support the purchasing habits of consumers moving towards an increasingly green-oriented future. The activity carried out by our Research and Development department has allowed us to find mono-material alternatives to conventional films to make our packaging highly recyclable without sacrificing the organoleptic properties of the barrier and shelf life.

In addition to the PE mono-material already discussed, we have also developed and tested the PET mono-material film, ideal for tray tops to be matched with the bottoms, of the same material, already on the market. The film is in fact high performing both during use and during its disposal. As a result of the mono-materials, the circular economy becomes tangible as the material is recovered with the least impact, which thus becomes a new resource.


For more information about our mono-material recyclable packaging with plastic: