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Interview to Giorgia Ferracin, Nicolò Ferracin and Matteo Boscardin

What’s your name?

G: Giorgia.

M: Matteo.

N: Nicolò.


How long have you been working in the company?

G: More than three years.

M: Since June 2010.

N: For 10 years, since 2006.


What task did you begin with?

G: Administrative Assistant, I actually dealt with packing lists.

M: Apprentice worker, at the extruders.

N: In Veneto we say "il bocia" (handyman).


Your present job?

G: Financial Controller. Since this year I’m also Human Resources Manager.

M: Production Supervisor.

N: Sales Director.


Since when have you changed your task?

G: Early last year.

M: Through various steps, almost one year ago.

N: About one year ago.


What would you like to tell your cousins-colleagues who work by your side?

G: Diversity is an asset, let’s go on exploiting it!

M: Excellent work! Let’s continue like this... It's only the beginning!

N: We need T-O B-I-L-L !!!!! I am very satisfied, we are doing a great job, that’s why we can always do more! I’m very happy about our complicity and synergy! Moreover, they know I always step on the gas!!!!!


What does SDR represent for you?

G: A challenge. Due to the looming generational shift.

M: My personal growth. If I think about my path over these years, I see myself growing with it and now I am certain the firm will also represent my future.

N: At present, my future, my life, my daily priority.


Your strength in a word? Your limitation?

G: My strength is determination. My limit is sensitiveness.

M: Rationality is my strength, pride my limit.

N: I’m determined. On the contrary my limit is impulsiveness… but I’m working on it!


What about your professional model? 

G: Enterprising women, those who put their passion both in their job and in their family, turning their limits into added values. 

M: My professional model... I may mention some famous entrepreneurs, but I’ve grown up looking at the sacrifices and commitment of my parents and  uncles to make this company grow and consequently they are my professional model!

N: Certainly the first was Sandro, my father. But today I admire those enlightened entrepreneurs that have made and are making their companies great: you have a lot to learn from them.

What celebrity do you like? If you could be someone famous, who would you like to be and why?

G: Frida Kahlo, since she was aware about the importance of knowing herself deeply inside, authentically.

M: As Milan football team supporter I say Paolo Maldini.

N: My favourite celebrities are Valentino Rossi, Steve Jobs, Pharrell Williams, Richard Branson, but I actually would not be one of them. Yet, I like to take inspiration by these kinds of people, because each of them, in their own different ways, succeed loving what they do.


What do you like in your neighbor? What instead you just cannot stand?

G: I like the propensity to exchange ideas and the diversity. I cannot stand arrogance, to not recognise when you’re wrong.

M: I like loyalty, I cannot stand falsehood.

N: I like to share, to learn, to talk, positivity. I cannot stand boredom.


What book have you got on the nightstand?? The last movie you watched? 

G: Book: An AZ of Literary Remedies by Ella Berthous. Movie: yesterday night: Eat, pray, love.

M: “Me, Ibra” Movie: Fury.

N: I am not a great reader............. Movie: I don’t’ remember, I watch little TV, I prefer to go out and to be around with people.


What is your hobby? 

G: Colouring, cutting out, painting. To use my hands creatively.

M: Soccer.

N: To go out with friends, biking, jogging, go boating, music and whenever I can, I like very much travelling.


What do you believe in? 

G: In second chances. Do not judge if you do not know before.

M: I believe.

N: I believe in people’s intellectual honesty.


Where would you like to live?

G: I would like to often change my place, but always somewhere next to the seaside.

M: By now, I’m good at home.

N: In a seaside town, I love nature.


What about your ideal travel? 

G: In the East, I’ve never been there and I have big expectations.

M: Crystal-clear sea in summer and mountains for skiing in winter time.

N: Adventurous, I never want to be bored. Any destination where I can visit, get to know, always to find something interesting to do.


How old are you? 

G: I'm 28 and a half.

M: 27.

N: I just turned 29.