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Expressing our opinions and thoughts on the development of the packaging sector (made up in 2023 the 3,5% of the Italian manufacturing industry’s turnover) is always an intriguing experience for us.

Packaging industry’s figures are captivating by comparing them to the fashion industry (crucial and strategic sector in Italy) representing the 6.9% of the total GDP (Gross domestic product) – data source: Italian Packaging Institute.

Our Nicolò Ferracin, sales manager’s perspective on future packaging are as follows.

Largo Consumo interview’s to SDR PACK: “Flexible packaging is the future!”


Nicolò Ferracin began this interview by saying "The company is undergoing its transformation." Numbers validate this statemen: in the first quarter of 2024, we reduced energy consumption and increased production by 12%.

Our professional team and strategic vision, as well as our willingness to put ourselves on the line, allowed us to make this possible.

Substantial investments have been made in state-of-the-art machinery, renewable energy and fully recyclable monomaterial solutions for the food industry.

Nicolò also talked about AI and its increasing role in production processes management and automation and pointed out new possibilities for creativity and effectiveness in flexible packaging.

"Be comfortable... we’ll take care of your packaging"

"Be comfortable... we’ll take care of your packaging" it's more than just a motto to accompany an interview!

It’s our daily commitment to support and pay attention to our customers!

Thinking, conceiving and developing projects in full, cooperating with our partners, offering a 360% consulting service are the way that allows us to face up to real needs of the market, ensuring maximum efficiency, preserving our corporate soul turned to tailoring and details care.

We work diligently to ensure relationship between SDR PACK and customer is deemed as an added value to product.

As well as sharing confrontation and improvement can help us grow together.

TIME plays a crucial role in every activity, and we are aware of it!

Our 'just in time' internal management, raw material warehouse, and polyethylene production allow us to produce and deliver very quickly.