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What’s your name?

A: Alessandra

AN: Andrea.

D: Dimitri.


How old are you?

A: 28.

AN: 22. I’ll turn 23 in November.

D: 54.


How long have you been with the Company?

A: 10 years in August.

AN: 4 years in September.

D: 30 years.


What is your role within the Sales Department?

A: Customer Services, Logistics and I’m in charge of purchasing too.

AN: Back-office, receiving orders and customer care.

D: Technical Sales Manager.


What does SDR mean to you?

A: For me, SDR represents: Carlo's values, Sandro's ambition and Marina's strength in standing her ground with everyone. (Editor's note: Carlo, Sandro and Marina Ferracin are the owners of SDR PACK)

AN: A company in step with the times, with a fresh and modern feel, always ready to face new challenges.

D: Good question! An important part of my life, a second family.


What do you like most about your job?

A: Definitely being in touch with people ... the atmosphere with my closest colleagues.

AN: The fact that it is varied and being in contact with Customers who differ so much.

D: The satisfaction of being part of a nice company that is growing both as a firm and personally, the contact with people and the fact of having developed a relationship based on respect with our Customers over the years.


What would you say about SDR to someone unfamiliar with the company?

A: Let's say that I’ve seen the transition of a company consisting of 20 people to that of over 60 ... SDR is a company that is expanding and is reorganising itself amidst this expansion.

AN: A company that is constantly developing and expanding, with cutting-edge machines for the packaging market.

D: You could describe it from a business perspective ... I could say that it is a business that has gone from being family-run to a beautiful industrial reality.


What would you like to say to your Co-workers?

A: As Luigi said in the last interview, I would tell the ‘seasoned ones’ to hang on in there and to the ‘newbies’ to act like ‘sponges’ and put passion in everything they do. (Editor's note: Luigi Solinas, colleague interviewed in issue 2 of Bob)

AN: Communication is the basis of everything and with consistency and commitment we can reach any goal while remaining united.

D: I am lucky to work with young and very capable colleagues. I would like to tell them to always work hard, because in this company commitment pays!


In a word, what is your greatest quality?

A: Simplicity.

AN: Availability.

D: In just one word?! Positivity!


Your limit in one word?

A: One?! At times, impulsiveness.

AN: I wouldn’t know ... I hope to have none ... sometimes I stick my nose into matters that don't concern me.

D: My limit in one word ... I do not particularly like certain technologies. 


How do you see yourself in 5 years?

A: I see myself accomplished on a personal level, in my private life ... I hope to have a family ... and professionally accomplished.

AN: Always in the Sales Department, but hopefully with far more skills.

D: I see myself well! Always with a strong proactive approach and enriched with new experiences.


What objective are you working on at the moment?

A: I have many medium and long-term goals that concern both my personal growth and my private and professional life ...

AN: Objective: to be more precise in everything I do!

D: Improve my IT skills.


If you could be a famous person, either a real or a fictional one, who would you be?

A: I wouldn’t know ... I’ve never asked myself who I’d to be ... I happily live my life, knowing I cannot be Naomi Campbell or Cindy Crawford ... Actually, I would also like to name people who stand out for other things, but at the moment nothing comes to mind ... (Editor's note: and she laughs)

AN: Easy! Cesare Cremonini ... I am passionate about music and for me, he is a genius in what he does!

D: Knock me down with a feather! You know that one thing you’ve never asked yourself?!


Is there a motto, saying or sentence you feel represents you?

A: A motto in my life?! "Never say never".

AN: "You will have as much luck as you wish for."

D: Sometimes I say: "You never stop learning."


What do you like about other people?

A: Sensitivity, altruism.

AN: Readiness to help, sincerity and getting involved.

D: I like someone simple, nice and positive


What bothers you instead?

A: Lack of humility, arrogance.

AN: Double-faces or liars in general.

D: Haughty people, deceit and arrogance.


What are your hobbies? 

A: Drawing, swimming, walking a lot and reading books.

AN: Playing the bass.

D: Outdoor sports.


Your ideal trip?

A: I like to travel the world. Right now, India.

AN: Mmm ... I would definitely try Hawaii!

D: I would like to visit the wild part of Canada or visit Scandinavian countries.


What makes you happy?

A: The smile of the people I love.

AN: My girlfriend and a concert with my band.

D: My family first of all. I’m happy when I spend good moments with my family and people I care about.