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Oscar dell’Imballaggio 2020

SDR PACK in the final with three different proposals

The Oscar dell’Imballaggio, the Packaging Oscars, is a prestigious contest that rewards the best packaging designed or marketed in Italy. The 2020 edition, promoted by the Istituto Italiano Imballaggio, in collaboration with the School of Design of the Polytechnic University of Milan, is dedicated to packaging quality design and is aimed at enhancing solutions that stand out for being innovative as well as for their quality design and sustainability.
For the first time ever, our company decided to enter this contest with three different solutions, and was selected by the jury to go through to the final.
While waiting for the announcement of the winners, which was delayed due to the lockdown, these are our finalist solutions:

bofrost* - Speck and brie crescents 


The company bofrost* S.p.A., in pursuing its objective of environmental sustainability, has decided to replace the packaging of its products by developing an alternative to the traditional plastic laminate films available on the market (PET/PE): a recyclable and reusable PE monofilm. A pack with a lower grammage (70my) compared to the one used before (80my). By using a lower temperature than the one required by the conventional material, this film is suitable for hot bar packaging, such as laminated films (with a sealing range between 30° and 40° internal/external).

This is high-performing packaging, able to guarantee the products’ effective preservation and longer shelf-life; it is suitable for food contact, in compliance with the highest quality standards. A single production process, namely extrusion, is required to produce this film. This guarantees lower electricity consumption and atmospheric emissions during production, with a lower environmental impact.

Sgambaro – Restyling the Yellow Label 


The company Sgambaro S.p.A. decided to restyle the packaging of its Yellow Label, replacing packaging made up of plastic laminate film with paper-based recyclable packaging, consisting of an internal BOPP layer and an external paper layer.

The decision to opt for this packaging solution adds value to the Yellow Label, as the use of paper not only guarantees a lower environmental impact but is also aesthetically pleasing. This type of packaging is in line with Sgambaro’s philosophy, requiring packaging that is as good as its product, and that highlights its quality and sustainability.

This innovative packaging, however, guarantees the same production output without causing any alterations. This paper packaging was developed to be used for separate paper collection.

Zini – Organic Pasta


The company Zini Prodotti Alimentari S.p.A., a historic Milanese pasta factory, has decided to launch a new range of products with eco-friendly packaging, opting for compostable film that would replace conventional polyethylene without barrier, while preserving production performance. Compostable monofilm, a type of packaging that can be collected separately with “organic waste”, guarantees low environmental impact as, if properly sorted, it can be composted in an industrial composting plant.

It is suitable for packaging products that do not require any barrier, and is suitable for food contact.

The manufacture of compostable film packaging requires lower extrusion temperatures compared to those of conventional PE film (between 190° and 160°); in addition, sealing requires a lower range of temperatures with consequent lower environmental impact in terms of emissions and energy used during production.

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