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Over the last few years there has been increasing talk about corporate Welfare and, SDR PACK, which has always showed a proactive approach in this sense, reformulated the agreement with its collaborators by ‘modernising’ the long-standing reward system in place.

We switched from a welfare system equally provided to all employees and somehow with a top-down approach meant as a guarantee to a new customised approach with a bonus based on corporate, area-specific and personal performance targets.

SDR PACK, as well as showing the desire to focus on the quality of its products and services and the resulting Customer satisfaction, wants to encourage its collaborators to grow personally and professionally, stimulating their sense of responsibility with a view of an exchange between the company and its employees to guarantee fairness and meritocracy.

For the near future, the company is considering the option of integrating the bonus with welfare services to meet the actual personal needs of its employees, although it is aware that this will require an additional investment, not just from an economic point of view.