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The case history of bofrost* Italia

Keeping up with an evolving market, the right intuition, the enthusiasm to study and test alternative solutions and teamwork between the customer and supplier: these are the ingredients that led to the creation of our innovative MOPEK and BAPEK packaging.

MOPEK and BAPEK are PE monofilm for hot bar packaging, the former without a barrier and the latter suitable for packaging in ATM and able to guarantee an efficient barrier against water vapour and oxygen. An innovation in the world of PE films and a concrete recyclable packaging alternative to laminated plastic films found on the market.

How does this innovative packaging solution take shape? Attention and the objective of offering packaging solutions that respect the environment are the basis of the project. Attention to the market and to customer requirements, which goes hand in hand with the desire to evolve and not stop at conventional packaging suggestions, but to look for valid alternatives in terms of safety and quality, an improvement in terms of environmental impact.

The MOPEK and BAPEK films have been designed to fulfil a precise requirement of bofrost* Italia, our long-standing customer, particularly attentive and sensitive to anything that concerns the environment, who wanted to contribute personally to the fight against pollution. The request put forward by Michele Muner, Company Packaging Manager, was that for a monofilm packaging solution, suitable for hot bar packaging. The company's willingness to innovate and Mr. Muner's enthusiasm in testing eco-friendly packaging solutions has enabled us to develop these innovative PE monofilm for hot bar packaging. For SDR PACK, it is essential to collaborate with customers such as bofrost* Italia that are open to innovation and willing to invest time and resources in the development of new projects.

We asked Mr. Muner a few questions to obtain his opinion on the MOPEK and BAPEK films: 

1. What are the particular characteristics that bofrost* Italia packaging must have?

bofrost* branded packaging must have the following characteristics: the first is that they conform to the law; the second, and not less important, is that they are recyclable. In particular, our attention has focused on plastic bags, where we have two scenarios: the first concerns the products packaged internally, for which recyclable LDPE film is used. The second concerns the products packaged by our stakeholders: until 2018, some of them used laminated plastic films of different materials. Since these materials are not recyclable, we have always (for over 20 years) researched for valid alternatives by carrying out various industrial tests, however, with no positive results. The turning point occurred in 2019: we have managed to find a suitable material in collaboration with our Production Partner for bofrost* printed films.


2. At the beginning of 2019, your company started testing our recyclable PE films for MOPEK and BAPEK hot bar packaging. What were your expectations?

As already mentioned, bofrost* has long sought a material with very specific characteristics: to replace the laminated materials used in hot bar (continuous) packaging machines, which would be mono-material and which could also perform the barrier effect, if required. Last and not least is that the packaging machines used for the laminated materials should not require their hardware to be modified. 

3. In terms of machinability and packaging performance, do you find any difference in using MOPEK and BAPEK compared to the previously used packaging solutions?

I have to be honest, at the beginning of the tests, I was doubtful about the machinability and performance of the new material, but after the first successful tests, I had to change my mind: these have greatly exceeded all our expectations. The tested film with respect to the previously used materials requires a lower temperature range to seal and is able to maintain the same cycles (bpm) set with the previous materials.

Therefore, I can say that the solutions found with the new SDR PACK materials have been validated and will be extended to all the bofrost* Italia stakeholders by 2020, who are currently using laminated films.