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Why a redesign of your mozzarella pack?

We asked Simona di Carlo – Sabelli Group Marketing Department: “The use of recyclable packaging is providing important benefits to our group. Retail customers have long been demanding that we manufacturers take a strong stance on the use of increasingly recyclable packaging, especially for export to some EU countries. It is undoubtedly the positive impact on the economic side in terms of Plastic Tax.”

In recent months, we have collaborated with the Sabelli Group to re-design the packaging for mozzarella cheese with preserving liquid, making it totally recyclable, classified LD-PE 4. The new packaging actually facilitates recycling activities, protecting the quality and organoleptic properties of the mozzarella.

This change demonstrated the Marche company's growing commitment to reducing environmental impacts, while at the same time reinforcing the positive perception of consumers, who welcomed the proposal of increasingly sustainable solutions. Communicating this important result to the consumer also involves raising awareness and involvement with regard to these innovations and new material proposals, with the aim of bringing out the real potential of plastics, which are often unjustly demonised.

The Sabelli Group will continue to strive to offer its customers a product that combines respect for tradition, the expression of Italian style and at the same time innovation and respect for the environment, animal welfare and people.

Collaboration with responsible, forward-looking companies, with whom to pool skills, knowledge and information, is essential for continued improvement and progress. This is the result of a successful collaboration!


To find out more, watch the video.

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